Fostering Sustainability

Hillfield Strathallan College, Hamilton, Ontario


Fostering Sustainability carried out a carbon footprint analysis of Hillfield Strathallan College (HSC) to determine how the College’s facilities and operations were performing from an environmental sustainability perspective.  This study evaluated the carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) associated with the College’s consumption of energy and water, fuel, paper and paper products, generation of waste, and recycling.  Other environmental impacts associated with the College’s facilities and operations were also included, such as number of trees harvested to produce paper and paper products.  Based on the information provided by the carbon footprint analysis, the College was able to identify its greatest environmental impacts, to evaluate possible strategies to reduce those impacts, and start to develop an implementation plan for reducing its overall carbon footprint,  


The College is now developing its own Green School Plan which will include a road map for greening existing facilities and operations as well as future campus development, a review of alternative fuels and renewable energy options, a green purchasing plan, and plans to “green” the College culture.


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